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Fram, tg3682, oil filter
Part # TG3682 | Line Code: FRA

Not Fitted / Universal

Product Details
Gasket Type Base
Filter Media Material Cellulose/Synthetic Blend
Filter Type Spin-On Canister
Gasket Thickness 0.188
Housing Color Silver
Height 4.078
Gasket Inside Diameter 2.469
Non Slip Grip Yes
Torque Nut No
Marine Approved No
Inside Thread Size 3/4-16
Micron Rating 3.000
Gasket Outside Diameter 2.750
Meets Or Exceeds Original Equipment Manufacturer Specifications Yes
Thread Size Standard
Gasket Material Cover (1) Cover 1
Attachment Type Spin-On
Outside Diameter 2.984
Grade Premium
Inlet Type Threaded
Replacable Filter Yes
New Or Remanufactured New
Anti-Drain Back Valve Yes
Bypass Relief Valve No
Reusable No
Grade Type Premium
Burst Pressure 310.000
Part Terminology Engine Oil Filter

Features & Benefits
FRAM Tough Guard® oil filters are designed for tough driving conditions, stop and go traffic, and hot and cold temperatures. The synthetic blend media is engineered to perform with conventional and synthetic motor oil. Equipped with SureGrip® technology, FRAM Tough Guard oil filters provide a non-slip surface allowing for easy install and removal. The silicone anti-drain back valve ensures safe engine startups, extending the life of the oil filter for up to 15,000 miles.

Application Summary

(KOMATSU, B21, B2410HSDB, B2410HSE w/Kubota D1105 Engine, B7300HSD w/Kubota D722-D10SP Engine) (KUBOTA, B1550HST-D w/Kubota D850-5B Engine, B1550HST-E w/Kubota D850-5B Engine, B1700DT, B1700HSD w/Kubota D905-D10 Engine, B1700E w/Kubota D905-D10 Engine, B1700HST-D w/Kubota D905-D10 Engine, B1750HST, B1750HST-D w/Kubota D950-5B Engine, B1750HST-E w/Kubota D950-5B Engine, B21 w/Kubota D1005 Engine, B2100DT w/Kubota D1005-D10 Engine, B2100HST-D w/Kubota D1005-D10 Engine, B2400HST-D w/Kubota D1105-D10 Engine, B2400HST-DB w/Kubota D1105-D10 Engine, B2410HSDB w/Kubota D1105 Engine, B2410HSE w/Kubota D1105 Engine, B3200 w/Kubota V1505-E3 Engine, B5200 w/Kubota D750 Engine, B6100, B6100HST, B7100, B7100HST w/Kubota D750-B Engine, B6100HST-DT w/Kubota D650-B Engine, B6100HST-E w/Kubota D650-B Engine, B6200, B6200HST, B7200, B7200HST, B6200D w/Kubota D850-5B Engine, B6200E w/Kubota D850-5B Engine, B7100HST-DT w/Kubota D750-B Engine, B7100HST-E w/Kubota D750-B Engine, B7100HST-II-DT w/Kubota D750-B Engine, B7200D w/Kubota D950 Engine, B7200E w/Kubota D950 Engine, B7200HST-D w/Kubota D950 Engine, B7200HST-E w/Kubota D950 Engine, B7300 (w/Kubota D722 Engine), B7300HSD w/Kubota D722 D10SP Engine, B8200, B8200HSD, B8200HSE, B8200HST, F2000 w/Kubota 20 hp Diesel Engine, F2000HST w/Kubota 20 hp Diesel Engine, F2100 w/Kubota 21 hp Diesel Engine, F2100E w/Kubota 21 hp Diesel Engine, F2100HST w/Kubota 21 hp Diesel Engine, F2260E w/Kubota 22 hp Diesel Engine, F2560E w/Kubota Diesel Engine, F3060 w/Kubota 30 hp Diesel Engine, FZ2100 w/Kubota D905 21 hp Diesel Engine, FZ2400 w/Kubota D1105F 24 hp Diesel Engine, G1800 w/Kubota D662 Diesel Engine, G1800S w/Kubota D662 Diesel Engine, G1900, G1900S, F1900, G2000, G4200, G4200H w/Kubota Z430 Diesel Engine, G5200H w/Kubota D600 Diesel Engine, G6200H, L2550DT, L2550GST, L2850DT, L2850F, L2850GST w/Kubota Diesel Engine)
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